Friday, October 15, 2010

Female prisoners call

Letter sent to the women who had been arrested for alleged KCK'li Urfa, Gulistan E. 's how they struggle to recover from prostitution and told the gang that had been abandoned into the hands of
Gulistan E. Women 's applying for the gang to get rid of his official authority in exchange for opposing tutuklandıklarına kalmadığını and draws attention to crime, "said human being the ones everyone Gulistan E" called for.

Urfa''KCK "operation under the name of the provincial heads of the BDP had been detained, members of the BDP and the SES ararlarında Aynur Sahin, including members of the Board of Directors had been arrested 10 people. Then, the emerging details of women arrested in prostitution gang BDP'li Falcon and falling into the hands of Gulistan E. 't fight for a long time to recover and the gang leader executed''''will send up the mountain on the complaint, the operation was launched emerged. Urfa E Type Closed Prison Board member in the SES Aynur Sahin, Azize Yağız BDP Women's Council Member, Provincial Co-Chair of the BDP Urfa Adil Fares, a member of the Women's Council of Diyarbakir BDP Mansura Peters, Fadi Viransehir Silgir and Nevrez Alatas sent a letter to City Council Member, they fight to save it from the gang for a long time Gulistan E. 's life, they noted that concern.

Gülistan'a yaşatılanlar many times over the age of

In the letter, Gulistan E. 's in their told. According to the letter: "The operation shown Gulistan E. justification of the age of their many times over. His father, 36 year life sentence in a car accident and then lost his mother at Gulistan E, his mother and father, brother, not the age of 14 with 2 placed next to the close relatives. Gulistan E. relatives lived next to was not yet 14 years old is exposed to sexual abuse. Gulistan of abuse, then lived for a long time after he had met over the internet as a means of self-liberation of Urfa, who lives next to escape Omar sees Inal. Drug substance Inal are addicted to the Gulistan shortly after the start of the live forces you to be a drug addict in Gülistan'ı. Their Gulistan not limited to it, then drug-addicted Inal, is forced into prostitution for money by drug money. Gulistan not remove more than lived, The hairdresser tells his neighbor, finds shortages as a last resort. Barber Aynur Sahin status of the transfers. Then the Falcon, the ones to listen to personally go to the hairdresser. These lines can not remain unresponsive on the Falcon is also taking action by taking into Gülistan'ı. Gulistan more Diyarbakir after the women's institutions are diverted. Diyarbakir State Hospital taken, health screening after passing through the drug treatment center UMATG 'taken to a child, later to be the treatment of Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital, Elazig shipped. here soon The age-long therapy is small, on the grounds of the Police Department and then by the Children's Department of Social Services Child Protection Agency (Social Services) is placed.

'Scare a child, the expression inflicted'

However, the conditions that can not stand here Gulistan Inal Omar returns to escape from here. Gulistan E. 's Inal you went after the neighbor's hairdresser's shop in attack. Inal taken into custody on the expression of his neighbor, is wanted on charges of extortion and theft. However, to save himself in custody Inal, "Sahin E. Gulistan 'good will expressed in the form of the mountain,''wants to send. Gulistan E.' threat also forced to give the same expression, police and gendarmerie, and so begins the operation by the CSM. Watching the free state of the Omer Inal Gulistan need to be protected by E. 's whereabouts is unknown. "

'Prisoners are not concerned Gülistan'ın life'

In the letter, the fact that many prisoners Gulistan E. 'indicating that they are worried for they could not get news from the Falcon, Yağız, Fares, Peters, Silgir and Alatas, in a letter they have to fight for a long time to recover from the hands of the gang Gulistan E. warned of the danger of life. As women, a child needs to be done, but they are comfortable for the conscience of the gang's hand indicating that they are faced with the conspiracy state kurtaramayan women, Gulistan E. wanted to investigate the situation immediately.

'The audience do not illuminate the status of Gülistan'ın'

Letter written by a 'living hell Gülistan'ı rescue work would continue to commit criminal offenses in the same' indicates BDP'li SES'li and women, trying to destroy the values of humanity to protect the values of humanity, a crime considered as emphasized in the system. In other statements contained in the letter, said: "Women are counted as a dogma of sin invaded every aspect of life in a culture where rape is a crime not to remain spectators, 'yes', we have processed the crime. G.E reduced at a young age to do with the Exit call. I We appeal to everyone's conscience, a man said. This anlattıklarımızın believe there is a crime, you are part of the game. No, if you do not believe that bit of time on you. file What is a criminal complaint be known. " / DIHA

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Has no power to fight PKK

Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Babe Bakr Zebari, the Iraqi army to conduct the war against the PKK is not a case, he said.
Chief of Staff of Iraq Zebari, the government crisis in the country to live and that reminded me of a serious security issue.

Zebari, the Iraqi army to conduct the fight against the PKK, said there is no power and opportunities.

According to the constitution of the regional Kurdish Administration in Iraq without the consent of the Iraqi army lacked jurisdiction to pass to the north Zebari pointed out, "We do not intend to, such as the PKK to declare war," he said.

Turkey, the PKK in Iraq, Army Chief of Staff stating that they do not believe can solve the problem through dialogue, "The Turks see the PKK as a terrorist organization. This is not a problem to be solved so easily," he said. AGENCIES

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chomsky is coming to Turkey

Goodyear. Dr. Noam Chomsky, 8 October, the message sent to Istanbul in the future, "I would like to indicate my support your work. There is no doubt that freedom of expression, democracy and other freedoms, is the essence," he said.
ISTANBUL - The world-renowned linguist Professor of the event's guest of honor. Dr. Noam Chomsky, 8 October, the message sent to Istanbul in the future, "I would like to indicate my support your work. There is no doubt that freedom of expression, democracy and other freedoms, is the essence," he said.

Istanbul Bilgi University Human Rights Law Research Centre in collaboration with the seventh to be held this year 'for Freedom of Thought 7 Istanbul Buluşması'nın schedule has been announced. Hosted by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has undertaken various activities which will take place between October 8-9-10 guest of honor at the world-famous American linguist Prof. meeting. Dr. Noam Chomsky and International PEN will be the Secretary General of the Norwegian author Eugene Schoulgin. Chomsky and Schoulgin, 8 October, journalists and Ahmet Ertugrul Mavioğlu Şık'ın 'Ergenekon case' written on the sheet, and two volumes of 116 thousand, 'Forty Forty Mule Row' because of his book Kadikoy 2 Yargılandıkları Court of First Instance in the case will follow the trial.

Then, at Bilgi University attended by Chomsky, "Democracy and the Rights of crashed World Order" and "freedom of thought which developed in the direction entitled" panel and will continue to work. Chomsky's event will be held in Istanbul on October 10 against global warming are expected to participate. Chomsky, in preparation event for the post, "I want to specify your business backs. Freedom of expression, no doubt, is the essence of democracy and other freedoms," he said.

The book, published by Aram accused

Istanbul Meeting for Freedom of Thought in 2002, Chomsky came to Turkey as the guest of initiative, Turkey came from Aram Publishing House "American interventionism" translation of his book about the trial had joined the case. Chomsky said that he should be tried in accordance with Penal Code is not the publisher of the book, wanted to stand trial, but was given the decision of the State Security Court acquitted on trial. (DIHA)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Peace bridge opens today

Hakkari 68 zone, and in 1999 made by the Youth Bridge was destroyed by the security forces with the support of civil society organizations today opened in public.

68 generations is the symbol of the people of Hakkari and his friends traveled to Sea özdeşleştirdiği otherwise known as the Revolutionary Youth Bridge Marine traveled 15 hours today 00 will be opened to service.

Yesterday completed the construction of the bridge, opening in Istanbul, Ankara and Turkey's many artists in different cities, from Istanbul to the author, and still more than three hundred student activists will join with members of the Collective.


Yesterday evening hours for youth, including Bridge opening Nur-term, Ragip Zaragoğlu, Ilkay Akaya, Suavi, Mazlum Lawn, Cezmi Ersoz, Burhan Berken and Rojda such as intellectuals, artists and writers coming from the 15-person team in Hakkari, the other writer, artist , intellectuals, politicians and students in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, 3 in the morning was on his way by bus, had the future of Hakkari.


On the other hand will come tomorrow morning Hakkari intellectuals, writers, artists, politicians and students at 09.00 am in the ninth person killed 4 people wounded in the village of passage going to be found taziyede had lost relatives.

Hakkari condolence visit to the village lane after the group will return to 15.00 hours for the opening of the Revolutionary Youth Bridge Youth Köprü'süne had to go through.

Youth Bridge, the opening ceremony, the BDP Hakkari deputy Hamid Gailani, the BDP Hakkari Provincial Administration, Mayor of Hakkari Deputy Chairman Abdullah Kilic, IHD Hakkari Branch Chairman Ismail Akbulut, KESK-DISK Branches Platform members of Hakkari, Cilo Nature Society officials, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir from the intellectuals, artists, politicians, writers, students, and with the participation of citizens in Hakkarili said.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mother tongue education is a rights

Vazeçilmez mother tongue education is a rights

I learned from my mother's native language. As children all over the world. I started primary school. ANT I do not know what it meant when we finished high school yet I understand ..

Primary 5 in class while a Sunday school in the garden direct to the hanging the flag that I 'sılav ji ter O flag' Kurdish greetings stance in my lodgings of the window at me later on my side from the teacher 's Throw me the Ottoman slap on any give a meaning never.

During primary ate but I know that one slap unutamadım.Lisede still could not speak Turkish, exactly. After this time the teacher was removed from the Kurdish language.

Even the existence of Kurdish unknown because I worked in the cities of Anatolia. When I came back to my area, even in the villages outside of school children aged 7-12, they saw it speaks Turkish. I got married. My wife did not know Kurdish. However, in the family in the Kurdish self-expression to levels that can be learned quickly.

Again exiled to Anatolia. My child was born, grew up in an environment still is not Kurdish. I settled in exile turn to Diyarbakir in assimilation as the other kids at school and he later became the language of the Turks.

Herein do not our fault that their parents? There are certainly many, but the individual resistance against state policies in place are clogged, and you renew.

As parents we are all in the public schools because of the Kurds to be successful and we want our children to school, the school wanted to win the test. The official also states that succeed in training programs bağlıydı.Kürtlerin assimilationist mind the last few years has come early. And their native language with out whether or not the state's assimilationist policies opposed if not, after 20-30 years in this country, Kurdish, the fruition of the kalmayacak.Kürtler that they understood that all nations as well as their mother tongue in schools as official language to learn, develop, have the right, and that it's a universal right that with the awareness in schools 5-day boycott of the democratic rights of state officials to carry out acts of civil disobedience to be heard.

Native UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS as a written contract, although an indispensable rights of the Turkish government on this reservation in child-related substance is the only European countries.

Cumhur President Abdullah Gul, his wife's headscarf about the problem because AİİHM sine başvurdu.Hükümeti after setting up his wife, plaintiffs, government, the defendant state thought the case withdrew the human rights violation of the headscarf issue in Turkey how a problem is the anadille education than a well sorundur.Çünkü the head covered The Kurds also want to see anadille educational status of children is not a shame of humanity?

Prime minister in Germany, Turkish children anadilleriyle trained enough benefit not assimilation as whether it's a ¬ ¬ a crime against humanity is the statement etmişti.Doğrudur. A person's native language to prohibit and education as the language of the language development of laws to prohibit a crime against humanity is.

I think the Kurdish civilian ittatsızlıkla parents can not get these conscientious people will resort to different democratic action. ECHR 'application if millions TC how governments react that? You can get up from the bottom of this business?

Celalettin leading-retired teacher

Friday, September 24, 2010

This mountain has no name

As for stones, beads of amber grain of hands caressing the mountain slopes. Where the vital touch the buds open all the rivers and springs are rocking to the songs of light.

Bread and the smell of tobacco when mixed into the night, and scorched by the mirror slips from the roots to give sworn remember. I say to this mountain has no name. Hoarfrost on the mountain as you will not be longing for the love of words.

I do not have the name of this mountain, as you crack the shell wounds every day.

As the blood continued to the lip of the majesty of the name, not the name of this mountain. Finally sealed with a disclaimer because of what is real.

Gaze fell to my eyes water

Fragile as I'm rubbing my heart with poetry

Oh my darling

Not repent of our memories

So close your eyes ... that gives life to the light and magical about it, being in love with the sweet and holy thing which makes all eyes.

Cried every star floating in the hope of the time hiding in the temple of the cure for the eyes. Color from blue to their lives, leaving plenty Vedia is eternity. Ah .. Even been observed, with relentless fury of the myth of the massacre. I promise / echo, we can write our name in honor of our hearts everywhere.

Ah, not in your eyes ... inlesede patience to vessels carrying Kurdish expectations of two rivers flow. Your lips are thirsty desert dying would it change the face of the word. And look into your eyes as you'd see ourselves. Would be ashamed, I know ... we were contracted, shameless, we ourselves would not be shrinking, look at the cross of our own compassion.

... Eyes when you shut down and the wind in the perspectives of children, the name of the other fingers had pulled the trigger. So here are nomadic life to another.

So this is not the name of the mountains, drink to your heart when other life itself.

Tired of filling out a death from the magazine

Stored in the footsteps of the ravine

Everything has been reported

And there is ignition of hair zemheri

Oh my darling

Read my hands

Draw my heart again

Find a new name to me misty mountains of words

And now the name of this mountain must be

Odors drove to fate

Poison spring is between sadness and doors with

Who can cover this way

While a handful of our blood cloud

Oh my darling

Let no one say shut up

If not, they lie legends

Majesty of the cries of the oath ceremony I

Apaydınlık death screams of wounded in the cistern

Name of this mountain must be

No exhaustion of the end

Listening back on the rocks you put your heart and you touch the daffodil.

Alien who has been expelled from the chest every time you leave the meaning of the lock turn, are not accessible to the mystery of meaning. Going to meet all of the authority, so "no repentance of those memories."

Thrown at the feet of the island few years. It is up to the beauty of sacrifice, of pain in a holding account.

Ignoring the block from admit, how many are left without stone tombs in the morning, to the bloody shroud, and the identity of such abject lack of acceptance fee ...

We were hit with blood where it did not cool down the mountain has no name.

If access to the memory of the reward of repentance and then ... the betrayal of death unless it is delivered, will be a changing of the name of this mountain ...

No name of this mountain.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Connected to the Community Center Theater Hakkari

Connected to the Community Center Theater Hakkari Hakkari school students in 3 villages 'Want Peace Country Colors' to scenes of his play.

Theater Ensemble of 11 members of Hakkari 'Colors Want Peace Country' named drama centers connected to the Hakkari Taşbaşı, Üzümcü and primary school students for Doganli Villages were staged.

Showed intense interest of the students 'Want Peace Country Colors' peace and brotherhood in the message given theater, theater for the first time students who follow the game was followed by pure attention.

Established at Hakkari Hakkari Governor Abdullah Demiralp managed by the Community Theater and the game's overall artistic director Naim Kazandıoğlu'nun his 'Colors Want Peace Country' named 11 players in the game was played.

After the game scenes with the young theater students in the school yard halay drew